Pinoso Church Visit

Several members from the Church of the Good Shepherd recently attended a special induction service for Pastor Jim Allan and his wife Jeanette at the Pinoso Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church.

Sue and Bud Buske, originally members of the Church of the Good Shepherd, became the founders of the Pinoso Church back in 2004, with our late pastor Gordon William Burgess regularly being invited to preach there over the following years.

But on this particular day we were accompanied by Pastor Ivan, a true man of god, along with his wife Sadys. Pastor Ivan lead the service, and gave a warm welcome to Pastor Jim as the new pastor of our Sister Church.

The church was packed with nearly 100 people, 95% of whom were English. We sang several traditional worship songs and hymns, and I have to say it really felt like being on "Songs of Praise".

The service was followed by Tea / Coffee / Refreshments and fellowship was enjoyed by everyone. Our two churches have pledged to continue working together for the Lord, and have already planned to attend an Evangelism event together in January 2019, to be hosted by Pastor Mathew Murray.