A Message From The Pastor - Alicante Church Of The Good Shepherd

I recently received copy of "Prophetic Vision" which is the magazine of Evangelist David Hathaway, and I was so impressed by the prophecy that he quotes at the beginning of his article - "Is the World in Crisis today?" that I felt that I should give it verbatim -

David writes -

"I have a clear word of prophecy for you today - with the certainty that it will be fulfilled!

"There will be no more despair for those of you who have been in difficulty. For those who live in fear and desperation - there is a promise of an end to your distress and a light in the darkness - for those who live in poverty, hunger and fear of death a new hope has dawned that you will be rescued.

All military hardware, guns, tanks, ships and aircraft, landmines and IED’s will be destroyed. For God has given us a Son who although he was put to death many years ago, will personally come back to earth to become World Ruler. A man powerful enough to overthrow world rulers and even the Antichrist, who will, not by armed might, nor by earthly power, but by his Spirit, defeat all military power, bind the very devil himself and take absolute control of the whole world!

Once established, his kingdom will be without end - with wise counsel, total power and in absolute peace, he will govern from Jerusalem, an undivided city in a peaceful land and, under his authority, there will be world peace an d no more bloodshed."

Then David, before going on to write the rest of his article says -

"I am quoting a prophecy from the Lord which will be fulfilled shortly although first given 3,000 years ago - Isaiah chapter 9."

The Son who is to come, of course, is the Lord Jesus Christ. We read in the New Testament of the Bible that -

"This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven" - Acts 1: 11

If you have never, with an act of personal faith, asked Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, to come into your heart and life, forgive your sin and save your soul - Do it now!

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Gordon Guillermo Burgess,
The Pastor.