God's Family Watching Out For Each Other On The Road Home

We know and love and have met with Jesus. But are we stumbling a bit over the rocks today? Are we looking forward or back like Lots wife? Is it difficult today for us to keep our eyes on the road ahead when the world seems to be in a handcart swiftly travelling to a very hot place indeed .and I don’t mean global warming ! or do I?

I have to say that I can have my share of panic attacks. I've done my fair share of running around like a wet hen when trials and tribulations flood in. I am not always good in a crisis! And that is when I am apt to stumble, lose sight of Jesus and start to lose a bit of ground. It can happen to us all.

Family problems, money worries, job insecurity , health issues, marriage difficulties, persecution, the death of a loved one... the list just goes on. Jesus never said we wouldn’t have trouble in this world... He only said don’t worry I have overcome the world, and gave His promise that He would never leave us. But sometimes we can’t quite seem to see Him as clearly and like Peter when he jumped out of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus, as soon as we lose eye contact we are sunk.

So we have to watch out for each other on our road home. I look around me today and am truly grateful for the fellowship and grace I have met with on this path walking with my fellow hikers in my church. But... Some of our brothers and sisters may be struggling over obstacles too big for them to cope with today, they may be wounded or tired unto death almost by the daily fight, they may again be new brothers or sisters who have still healing wounds from their walk on the wild side. May I always be vigilant and make sure they have a helping hand or a supporting, non judgemental arm. That’s why God put us in church families. We are the Body. After all God sent us each other to be a blessing.

Let us never lose anyone from our family because we don’t see their pain or struggles. We must stand together in these last days shoulder to shoulder so that no one slips away unheeded or unmentioned. The prophets and Jesus tells us throughout the scriptures that these things now are only the beginning of the tribulations to come. So lets be prepared and if Jesus comes back tomorrow let us stand with one shout as one body and proclaim "Jesus is Lord"!!!

Sarah Brown (A Member Of God's Family)
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