Christian Contact Within The Church Of The Good Shepherd (Alicante)

The Church of the Good Shepherd in Alicante has fellowship very high on our list of priorities, to reach out to anybody who either just needs more Christian fellowship, but also to anybody who needs answers to a question that gets to us all in the end. "What's next and why are we here?" -

We certainly have something to say on the matter of faith in God, and even though it may sound difficult - It's not!!! - We open our arms to your interest in our Church and would invite you to join us here at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Alicante.

If you already attend a Church in the area of Alicante, we would be very much interested in having more spiritual contact, as we firmly believe in the power of prayer.

Christians only need to understand why we follow Christ and then everything seems so obvious.

The Church Pastor "Gordon Burgess" is certainly gifted in explaining the message of Christ - "A true story found in the New Testament"... A story we may all know, but do we all know the hidden message? - God doesn't always make everything so self explanatory, and sometimes we need to listen to others for guidance. Well, we invite you to come and listen to Pastor Gordon Burgess; who with almost 50 years of service to the Church, has preached in Spanish as a virtual pioneer in evangelizing the Spaniards. Now though we have the opportunity to listen to the Pastor in English, every Sunday at 11:00 in the Church of the Good Shepherd in Alicante.

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